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Why Is My Water Pressure Low?

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If you are experiencing low water pressure, it can be caused by a variety of factors. To help you better understand low water pressure and what causes it, 412 Plumbing has put together a guide to what causes low water pressure and how we can help!

Corrosion in the Pipes

When your pipes corrode, this process results in oxidation. This oxidation collects on the walls of the pipes and restricts the water flow. Corrosion is most common in old galvanized steel pipes. These pipes will continue to corrode, developing holes and then failing completely.

Debris Buildup Inside the Pipes

If you have a pipe blockage, it can lead to low water pressure. Debris such as foreign objects, dirt, solidified oil, food, mineral buildup, sand, and grease can lead to a blockage that can lower your water pressure.

Water Shut-Off Valve Issues

The water shut-off valve controls the flow of water into your home and needs to be fully open to ensure full water pressure throughout the home.

If the valve is partially open, it can cause low water pressure. To resolve this issue, you will need to open the main water shut-off valve.

Water Meter Valve Issues

Just like the water shut-off valve, if there is a closed or partially open water meter valve, it can lead to water pressure issues. Check to make sure the water meter valve is fully open, especially if you’ve had plumbing work done recently.

Issues with Your Water Supplier

Your water supplier may be having pressure issues, which can lead you to have low pressure in your home. Check with your neighbors to see if they are experiencing the same issue; then, you will need to make sure you contact your water supplier to resolve the issue.

Leaks in Your Plumbing

Plumbing leaks can cause various issues within your home, including low water pressure. Leaks can prevent water from going where it is needed, causing low pressure. If you can spot a leak or suspect you are dealing with one, 412 Plumbing offers emergency services. Our team will come out 24/7 to repair your leaky pipes and get your plumbing back in shape.

Low Water Pressure Repairs in Pittsburgh

Whether you are dealing with a leak or a clogged pipe, our professional team can get the job done! Contact us today to learn more!

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