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How Pipe Camera Inspections Work

Tuesday, May 28, 19

Camera Inspections Pittsburgh

With advances in modern technology, homeowners now have less invasive options for sewer repair. Trenching or digging sewer repairs is no longer the only option to get your plumbing back to normal. With pipe camera inspections, plumbers can inspect your sewer lines and using a variety of other equipment can fix your sewer damage without digging up your property.

Pipe Camera Inspection Process

To begin the process, the plumbing technician will insert a specialized sewer pipe inspection camera down the pipes and into the sewer system. The specialized camera, which is attached to a long, flexible metal cable, is roughly the size of the average smartphone.

This cable is fed into the opening of the sewer, and the camera is manipulated remotely using small motors that are installed inside of the metal cable. The cable is also connected to a closed circuit, portable display the technician uses to see your sewer in real-time. This allows them to thread the camera through the sewer and view it completely to diagnose any issues.

When is Pipe Camera Inspection Used?

Camera inspections are used when they can help us avoid tearing up your yard by digging. This process can be used for pipe inspections for a variety of Pittsburgh homes and issues. As long as there is a sewer opening or pipe wide enough to feed the camera through, we can use this method.

In some cases, camera inspection and trenchless sewer repair will not be an option for every repair job. This depends on the pipe placement or the type of issue that has occurred.

Why This Process is Effective?

The alternative to video inspection is to dig up your yard to get your sewer line. This process is slow-moving, expensive, and destroys your property. Since we don’t know precisely where the issue is, the digging will have to continue until we find it.

With pipe camera inspection, we can more easily identify breaks, corrosion, root damage, and most pipe fractures. This allows us to see precisely where and what the issue is, so we can determine the best and least disruptive way to repair it. This can also give us an accurate picture of the health and functionality of your sewer lines.

If you are experiencing clogs, slow drains, or drain line backups or any other plumbing issues, you can rely on 412 Plumbing to identify the problem and resolve it in a timely manner. With a team of top plumbers serving the Pittsburgh area, we have the tools and the knowledge to get your plumbing back in shape. Contact us today to learn more about our pipe camera inspections.


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